46493007_10155549178715981_7340759928237195264_nWajiha Hyder is a writer, editor and accidental accountant living in Lahore, Pakistan. She mainly dabbles in essays and features; her primary areas of interest being culture, books, and the publishing industry, among others. Currently she is the editor of the Books and Travel sections at The News on Sunday (TNS), a local English weekly magazine.

Her online journal (mostly dormant) is mostly about her, things that irritate her (or not), stuff that she likes (or not), her opinion about life in general and everything that forms a part of it. Like any journal, it occasionally serves as a blank slate for her to practice the art of writing, whenever that happens. She does not journal frequently (a thing that she’s been wanting to change for quite some time now) and goes on excruciatingly long hiatuses. But she always returns.

For commissions, editing or production projects, please contact her at You can also get in touch with her on Twitter or Instagram.