Of whooshing deadlines, procrastination and the related awesomeness

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

I think I quite understand what Douglas Adams must have gone through when he said this. Poor chap. Deadlines disgust me, but they still excite me. I loathe them but without a looming deadline I cannot work properly. I have been cursed with a procrastination habit that insistently wishes to stay with me all the time. I have been trying to work my way out of it but then I have been trying to do that for a decade now. Sigh.  Needless to mention, it doesn’t work. It’s wintertime (somewhat), which sadly means that my procrastination habits shall become a bit crankier.  No amount of coffee and early morning waking up will help.

I mean, look at the blog for instance. What sort of a person changes the blog theme everyday? Utterly unbelievable! But yours truly is not the only one to be blamed pliss. We shall have to look beyond the obvious. It so happens that I sometimes take the pressure of posting something to my blog a tad too seriously. Now when that happens it just doesn’t matter what that something is. It just has to be something. Anything. I hope you know what I mean? 

So, where was I? Yes, today I woke up, completely adamant to get some serious writing done by the time this day ends. But what happens? The time arrives when I have to go pick my daughters up from school without my writing even a single word. So I hit the road, pick them up, sit at my mum’s for a bit (totally pointless, by the way) and voila! It’s 5 pm! How very lovely. The countless ways in which a day can be utterly wasted… Amazing!

And now here I am, composing a measly blogpost instead of what I initially started out to write. And to top it all, my brand new table lamp is not working now. Ugh. Talk about Murphy eagerly ruining your life’s simple pleasures.

Anyway, I guess life is just preposterously absurd. But I do believe that no matter how long it takes, we all grow up eventually…. Sooner or later. So most likely someday, I too shall learn to prioritize and manage my time well. But perhaps that day shall never come to pass in my case. I know myself too well to ever be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Or perhaps I don’t. Who knows;)